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Locate physicians, surgeons, hospitals, and health plans throughout Contra Costa County and surrounding areas.  Providers can be searched for by "specialty" and information is retrieved in "seconds".  You can also get nutritional, diet and other important health information with a click of your mouse.  You can even Subscribe to our Keyword Advisory Service to receive a FREE instant e-mail notification  of "special services or savings" offered by health care providers in your area - see details below. 
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To browse the current health care listings, simply select the category of your choice above using the drop down menu (i.e. Sports Medicine) and press the view ADs button.  If you want to view all health care provider listings in our database, simply press the VIEW ADS button above without selecting a category
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To locate a specific type of health care provider in a "specific city", use our advanced search feature above.  Example: To locate "cadiologists" in "Danville", select "cardiologists" in the above drop down business category menu and enter the word "Danville" in the above search box. Then click on search button.  To locate "hospitals" countywide, select "hospitals" from the drop down business category menu and leave the search box "blank"....then click on the search button.  
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If you'd like to receive an "instant e-mail notice" every time a health care provider posts a listing or special offer, just Click on the Keyword Advisory banner above and you'll be able to enter up to 5 provider categories, plus your e-mail address [kept confidential].  As an example, if you enter nutritionists and biofeedback, every time a health care provider posts a new ad or offer to this site, you will automatically receive an e-mail notice containing the ad information. A great way to keep on top of special information. This is an optional service and is automatic and confidential. You will not receive junk mail from any third parties as a result of subscribing to this service, as we do not sell or release private e-mail addresses.
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